Overcoming Objections and Leveraging the Value of Outsourcing: A Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Strategy

Anna-Lisa Natchev
3 min readJan 11

Content writing is an essential aspect of modern business, and it is crucial to understand the common objections that may arise when proposing a content marketing strategy. In this post, we will discuss four main objections that executives may have about content writing and how to overcome them. We will also discuss the challenges of content marketing and why it may be wise to outsource the strategy and creation of content.

The first objection is that the ROI can’t be proven.

While it is true that it may be challenging to show the ROI of content marketing until the strategy is implemented, it is essential to explain how content marketing can benefit the business. For example, content marketing can increase website traffic, walk your audience through the purchasing experience, and increase the effectiveness of sales calls.

The second objection is that executives want to avoid taking on more responsibility.

However, it is critical to demonstrate that, to be effective, content needs to be backed by the names of the executives behind it to be credible. Leadership articles can be used to gain exposure and create a positive buzz about the company and the executive.

The third objection is that content marketing is a fad.

However, it is crucial to understand that content marketing is not a fad but an essential element of the buyer journey. Educating the executives about how consumers digest pieces of online information before making a purchasing decision is crucial.

The fourth objection is that content marketing will only solve something real.

To overcome this, it is essential to understand the company's issues and how content marketing can provide solutions. For example, if the company website is getting decent traffic, but visitors need to convert into buying customers, a lack of valuable information could be the reason. Content marketing can fill that gap.

Regarding content marketing challenges, generating original content, creating a comprehensive content strategy, and internal vs. external content creation are some of the main…

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