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Anna-Lisa Natchev

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Allow me to introduce myself. With over two decades of Sales and Growth Leadership experience in the SaaS and service sectors, I've traversed the ever-evolving landscapes of technology leadership, sales strategies, and personal growth. Through this Medium profile, I'm committing to share insights and tips, from my professional journey. Succeeding with your Sales and Leadership career within the startup scene is hard, and requires grit, luck and most of all a solution oriented way of working.From effective sales tactics in startup environments to the nuances of guiding teams through rapid growth amid M&A activities, growth spurts, funding rounds and international , I'll be sharing tips and insights garnered from hands-on experience. I will also share lessons learned the hard way...

It is not about the company, product or education alone. A successful career will require personal growth and plain old hustle.As a single mother since the age of 19, trying to keep my work life balance, succeed in my job/career/company and raise my kids has been challenging. Especially while keeping my sanity and energy levels up.

But I am lucky. Having been born in Sweden, lived in Ireland and Benelux, and still holding a Finnish passport, I'm fortunate to call Finland my forever home. I'm committed to sharing the tips, magic, rituals, and stories from us—the Happiest People in the World—here and on my private food and well-being blog: . The blog started when I got a box of recipes from my grandmother Anna-Liisa, selected and treasured for ages! The stories and the rituals along with Sauna best practices are collected from all over Finland and the Nordics.

Through my personal blog and webshop, I invite you to explore curated recipes and items from Finland, meticulously crafted to create a micro True North environment at home. From cozy sauna rituals to cherished recipes passed down through generations, each piece is designed to infuse your life with tranquility and revitalization.

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Anna-Lisa Natchev

SaaS Growth Navigator ,also sharing insights into reaching happiness from the Happiest people in the world...